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We had purchased a brand new four wheeler and it was a lemon right out of the box. It was in for repairs for what seemed the entire summer which was sad for us because we like to ride the most during that time. We kept getting the machine back unfixed with even more problems. We finally got help with this firm. We thought it was going to be a quick thing to get our money back since it was an obvious lemon but the company fought us tooth and nail. Mr.Gadtke, to win our case, had to get expert testimony to prove we really had a lemon. He finally convinced them to pay out only a couple of weeks before trial. Finally got our money back. We are thankful.

Will S.

…I appreciate all the work you put in regarding this. Congratulations to you as well. If it wasn't for your experience with these matters I would still be at square one. I am really glad that I went ahead with this. I can now get a more reliable vehicle for my family.

Juanita K.

Hello! I was driving down the road today and it occurred to me just how nice it is to own a Dart that works perfectly! It is such a good feeling.

I'm sure you were aware of how troubling my lemon Dart was for me and this may sound funny, but my quality of life has definitely improved since putting all that behind me. A person never really knows how much peace of mind there is in having a vehicle that performs safely and correctly until you don’t.

Anyways, I just wanted to send you both another email expressing my sincerest gratitude for all your work on my case. Hope all is well for you both.

Todd R.

When I came in to pick up my settlement check this morning I had hoped to thank you personally for your representation in this matter.

It was a relief to have knowledgeable and experienced people in my corner, and is a further relief to now have this matter closed.

You and your staff were always extremely informative, easy to reach, and easy to talk to. I very much appreciate your professionalism and services, and will highly recommend you to others should the opportunity arise.

Sincerest thanks again, to everyone, and all the best in the future.

David Michael
08 MINI Cooper Clubman S

For over two years, I repeatedly attempted to solve severe and ongoing oil and mechanical problems with my new ML350 Mercedes. As requested of new car owners, I took the vehicle back to the dealership where it was purchased for repair. Unfortunately that meant spending many weekends 90 miles away from home, where the dealership was located. After these service trips failed, I decided to explore the possibility of a lemon law claim. I was very hesitant at first, wanting to give the dealership and manufacturer the benefit of the doubt. Todd Gadtke was recommended as a lawyer well versed in the field and I asked him to review my case. He was appalled by the number of fruitless service visits and deemed the situation more than appropriate for a claim under Minnesota’s lemon law statute. We decided to move forward, along with attorney Dan Brennan, who was brought on board to help resolve the claim.

Both attorneys worked tirelessly to resolve my case with Mercedes. Mercedes put up roadblocks at every junction, including failing to file an answer until the day before a default judgment hearing was scheduled. But they were no match for Todd and Dan, both of whom have extensive knowledge of consumer law, especially as it relates to automobiles. They filed on my behalf and handled every aspect of my lemon law claim against Mercedes. They worked closely with me as a team during the entire legal battle, including hours of deposition and a two day jury trial. We were ultimately victorious, due in large part to Todd and Dan's preparation, detailed legal knowledge, trial capabilities and perseverance. I would recommend them without any reservations. I am driving a new car today because of their guidance and expertise.

— Nancy

Todd & Dawna, I just wanted to let you know we received the payment for our Lemon Law case this weekend. I want to thank you both for your work. It is a great feeling for this to finally be over. We would definitely recommend you guys in the future. Thanks again.

— Adam

“Yesterday I received confirmation that the loan balance has been officially paid off by General Motors. As far as I can tell, that should be the last remaining item to be taken care of on my end. I wanted to take the opportunity to send this email after receiving that information yesterday.

I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you and others at your office put into my case against GM. I realize that you handle these cases all the time and you have seen most everything possible, but this was my first experience with the lemon law. The way in which the dealership handled the entire situation still amazes me.

I cannot express how relieved I am to have the entire mess behind me. You exceeded my expectations in handling my case and I am extremely pleased with the results.

Thank you again for rectifying the situation for me and providing me the ability to start over. I will not hesitate to refer anyone in need of your services in the future.”

— Jeff

“I wish to again thank you for your professional and expedient resolution of the matter involving my current automobile and the manufacturer. I enlisted your assistance in filing a Lemon Law claim on June 20, 2007 due to multiple brake failures (more than five) and three vehicle recalls on my 2006 vehicle, which, at the time, had 9000 miles on the odometer.

Despite predictable failure on the part of the defendant to produce requested documentation, you maintained a high level of professionalism and kept the case moving forward through the court system. This effort ultimately resulted in an acceptable settlement agreement being reached between myself and the defendant on January 16, 2008.

As you are aware, I work as a consultant and expert for the defense in product liability claims. Never, in my professional experience, have I seen a case proceed to resolution as quickly as you were able to accomplish on my behalf.

Minnesota consumers have a right to expect that a new automobile, purchased in this state, will be safe, effective and at least meet the attributes listed in their printed advertising literature. On behalf of myself, and my young grandchildren that are frequent passengers in my car, thank you again for protecting these rights.”

— Jeanne W.

“Todd is a great advocate for the consumer. He separates fact from fiction when dealing with vehicle manufacturers. He steers the consumer in the direction of truth and justice.”

— Mike Rufenacht, Jeep Grand Cherokee

"I just want to start this out by saying thank you very much for everything you have done. It was truly a pleasure working with you. As you know I had a lemon. I spent numerous hours in the shop having repairs done which only lead to another visit. The whole dealership knew my kids and me by our first names only because we were there almost monthly having you name it done to the Chevrolet Malibu. After about 2½ years of this I had enough. After doing some research on the Internet I discovered that I could take this further even though I had leased my car. I was not aware of this at the time.

I Googled “lemon law” and found your company and law firm. After meeting with you I was totally comfortable with going forward with this issue. I left it all in your hands and you really handled it well. I was given updates almost weekly, especially towards the end, by yourself or Dawna. You would take time to call from your cell and were always on top of your voicemails even when you weren’t in the office. The customer service relationship I felt was absolutely how it should be.

Dawna was very friendly and extremely prompt. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone. Again, I want to say thanks for all that you have done. I was not only able to most importantly get out of my lease 1½ years early without any penalties but I was also compensated and therefore was able to put some money down on a new vehicle.

— Lisa N.

"Todd Gadtke is awesome. I had a warning message on my 2006 Cadillac DTS. It had been repaired twice to no avail. While driving down I-94 the warning message came on yet again! I was quite upset until I saw Todd Gadtke’s billboard asking “IS YOUR CAR A LEMON ?” I called him immediately. He told me I had a case but we needed to give GM one last shot at fixing it. They had their last shot and couldn’t fix it so Todd negotiated a FULL REPURCHASE on the car. I couldn’t believe it after a year and a half and 17,000 miles GM bought it back for FULL PURCHASE PRICE!!! Thanks Todd!!!

— Kevin Riley

"We had purchased a Nissan Quest in 2004 which ended up having chronic rotor problems that the dealership was unable to repair. I was directed to Todd Gadtke by a co-worker who advised me my van probably fit the lemon law criteria. After meeting with Todd we decided to proceed with the process. Nissan was horrible to deal with. However, with Todd's expertise in this field, he was able to have Nissan repurchase my van.

After going through the process, I am convinced I would not have received a settlement without Todd handling the case. The entire process was handled professionally and I was kept informed as the process progressed. I feel I was treated fairly and would strongly recommend Todd Gadtke as your attorney. Had I not pursued the lemon law process with Todd, I am convinced I would be sitting with a van with chronic problems and eventually would have ended up trading it at a loss."

— Brian Gruber

"After presenting my case to an arbitration board and feeling devastated and hopeless when they denied my claim, it was so wonderful to talk to Todd Gadtke, meet with him in person and feel like there was some hope.

Todd was a delight to work with. He is personable, good-natured, humorous, professional, detail-oriented, reliable, patient, sincere, and optimistic. Need I say more? He always returned my calls in a timely manner, answered all of my questions and concerns kindly, no matter how ludicrous they may have seemed. I couldn't be happier with how he handled and settled my case. His staff is a treat to work with as well."

— Brenda K., Ford Explorer

“For nine months I waited for the manufacturer to ‘do the right thing’ and repair a recurring problem with my new car. Unable to move the proverbial mountain, I engaged Todd Gadtke to represent me. Within a few months, Todd obtained an amicable buy-back of my defective car and also recovered a significant portion of my attorney fees. Todd is a masterful lawyer, litigator and lemon-law advocate with world-class negotiation and customer service skills.

Working with a team of highly accomplished legal professionals, Todd “moved the mountain” for me, delivering the positive results I was unable to achieve on my own. Todd’s ‘SuperLawyer’ status is well deserved and I strongly recommend his services to you.”

— Jim Seidl
Legal Research Center, Inc.

"I hired Todd Gadtke to represent me in a Lemon Law case against Ford. I had leased a Ford Explorer and made approximately 20+ visits to the service department. All I was asked to do was explain my problems to Mr. Gadtke, and fax copies of the service reports. I sat back and within 4-6 weeks I received my settlement. I really feel like I sat back while all the work was done for me and I can proudly say that I just received the check and am now on my way to buy a new car. Thank you SO much Todd Gadtke! You really impressed me! I will gladly refer anyone and everyone to you and your firm!

— Lisa Thompson
Los Angeles, CA.

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