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Are you driving a lemon?

Find out if you have a case and how
to get your money back on a lemon vehicle.


… I really feel like I sat back while all the work was done for me and I can proudly say that I just received the check and am now on my way to buy a new car. Thank you so much Todd Gadtke! —Lisa, Ford owner

Are You Driving a Lemon?

Problem with a vehicle under warranty or service contract?

You have important rights under state lemon laws in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Gadtke Law Firm has focused in these cases for many years; we have handled more of them than any other Minnesota law firm. Our legal team combines the insights we gained as former auto industry trial lawyers to our decades of combined experience litigating lemon law cases in Minnesota and Wisconsin courts. In fact, other law firms often turn to us for assistance when their clients bring them a lemon law case.

Learn more about one of Minnesota’s most experienced lemon law legal teams.



Let us share our extensive knowledge of your legal rights. We can meet with you or work with you remotely. Once we have evaluated your case, we consult with local mechanical experts, contact the manufacturer, and negotiate settlement for your claim. If your case is successful, the manufacturer pays our fees. If you do not make a recovery, there is no charge to you.


  • You have a vehicle or other product that is under warranty or service contract.
  • You attempted to have the vehicle or other product fixed under the warranty or service contract. more words.
  • It took too many attempts to get the vehicle or other product fixed.
  • Or you were refused a repair covered by your warranty or service contract.
    “A person never really knows how much peace of mind there is in having a vehicle that performs safely and correctly until you don’t.” —Dart owner, Todd R.
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