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FAQ about Minnesota’s Lemon Law

If you have a car that does not work right and the manufacturer’s repair shop has not been able to fix it after several attempts, you may fear it is a lemon.

Fortunately, Minnesota Lemon Laws protect you from being left paying for a vehicle that does not perform as expected.

Are leased cars covered under lemon laws?

Leased cars experience problems just like purchased vehicles. Fortunately, Minnesota’s Lemon Law covers leased vehicles if the autos are still under the original manufacturer’s warranty. When you have leased a lemon, manufacturers do not need to replace the car. Instead, they usually terminate the lease and return all but a reasonable portion of the funds to you.

Do you have to pay your legal fees if you go to court?

Since the problem vehicle is the manufacturer’s responsibility, so are your legal fees. If you must go to court because your vehicle is a lemon, you can also demand that the manufacturer pay your legal fees once the case is over.

Do you get a new car if you have a lemon?

If the manufacturer agrees that your car is a lemon, there are two options for moving forward:

  1. You may qualify for a refund of the purchase price, registration, and taxes you paid when you signed the contract
  2. The manufacturer might decide to replace the vehicle with an equivalent car

If your vehicle’s manufacturer offers you a replacement, and you are not interested in having that vehicle, you can request a refund instead.

If you discover your vehicle is a lemon, know that laws support your right to make the manufacturer responsible for the car.