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Understanding Minnesota’s lemon law fundamentals

Most people have heard reference to lemon laws in the past, but they may not fully understand how those laws can protect them if they buy a car that qualifies as a lemon. In Minnesota, lemon laws cover specific types of defects or problems within two years of the purchase or before the end of the warranty period, whichever is earliest.

Here are some of the determining factors for lemon law eligibility.

How many times has your car been in the shop for the same problem?

One of the qualifying elements of the Minnesota lemon law is the number of times that your car has been in the shop for the same problem without resolution. If you have sought repairs for the same problem unsuccessfully at least four times, it may qualify under the lemon laws.

How long has your car been inoperable?

Another qualifying factor for the state’s lemon laws is how long your car has been inoperable. If your car has been unusable for at least thirty days in a 24-month period as a result of the same problem, that is another key consideration.

What is the nature of the defect?

The nature of the defect is also relevant to your lemon law claim. A defect that threatens the vehicle’s safety is a serious concern. Damage to the suspension, steering rack or brake system that renders the car inoperable safely could have the car considered a lemon.

Understand the fundamental elements of the Minnesota lemon law to recognize when you may have a legal case.