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How should I prepare to dispute my lemon in Minnesota?

If you purchased a car that ended up being a lemon, you have legal rights under Minnesota’s “lemon law.” Generally, this body of laws allows consumers to demand a refund or replacement vehicle if their new car has a significant issue that remains defective after several repair attempts.

Navigating the lemon law process may feel complicated and stressful, so preparing for your dispute can alleviate some confusion.

Maintain detailed records

Document when you take your car to the dealership or your mechanic for repairs. Record the dates, mileage and a description of the car issue and repairs attempted. If the mechanic keeps your vehicle for multiple days at a time, make sure the invoice from work done includes the date you dropped your car off and the date they said it was ready for pickup.

Organize and keep all lease agreements, warranties, purchase orders, sales receipts and other documents related to your vehicle and its issues.

Prepare and send written notice

If you believe your car qualifies for a refund or replacement, you must provide written notification to the manufacturer or the authorized dealer of your lemon. Keep a copy for your records and send the letter with a return receipt via certified mail. Include the following details in this letter:

  • Full name and contact information
  • The date of purchase
  • The issues with your vehicle
  • The dates of repairs for the same problem
  • A statement stating the defect exists

In addition to the information above, reference Minnesota Statutes section 325F.665 and state in your letter that if they do not correct the issues to your vehicle, you will pursue a claim under this lemon law.

Preparing for a lemon law dispute may seem complex, but you can increase your chances of success with the right approach.